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Since the start of the digital revolution, traditional companies have been faced with the challenge of abandoning their well-known methodologies and introducing new ones, both technical and organizational. In the Industry 4.0 Era connectivity takes on a whole new dimension and a previously unimagined flow of information is generated. Therefore new development approaches become inevitable. Here in Gran Canaria we want to show how our idea of a sustainable future could look like: smart, green, innovative.

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smart, green, innovative

With digital technologies and a closed energy loop, we can shape a perfect world model here in Gran Canaria. For us, the combination of motivated and technophile students and excelling climate conditions are the perfect base for visionary projects in a Silicon Valley sense.

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Dr. Stetter ITQ is a company focused on innovation, serving as a laboratory of new ideas. Our main goal is researching on promising topics such as Smart Homes, Green Energy and Autonomous Driving. Also, we are especially concerned about education, which is the reason why we put so much effort in organizing events and workshops for both local and international students.

It’s essential for us to train people for the upcoming digital revolution.


Green Island” Makeathon 2020

During our  5th “Smart Green IslandMakeathon 2020, 175 young talents from 35 universities and 20 countries
had the opportunity to develop
innovative smart and green solutions!



2004, 2020

Developing innovative prototypes

The 5th SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON which was organised by ITQ GmbH in cooperation with Dr. Stetter ITQ was a great success for all 255 participants out of which were 175 students of 35 universities [...]

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