Smart & Green Innovation Festivals

Innovation through Education 4.0

Nowadays everybody talks about Education 4.0 and Smart & Green Technology. But there is often more said than done. We have been promoting young talents worldwide and bringing them together with companies for years by developing ever new innovative concepts and formats for our future. Through our Innovation Festivals “MAKEATHONS” (MAKE & MARATHON), we secure the company‘s and social-political future with innovative minds in all kinds of fields of Smart & Green Technologies.


Gran Canaria

We have already successfully realized 5 editions of our SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON in Gran Canaria with more than 1100 international participants. Here, innovative ideas and prototypes were developed in the fields of IoT, Automation, Smart Green Energy, Smart Mobility and much more.


With our SMART GREEN BOTSWANA MAKEATHON in Gabarone, we were able to launch the 1. MAKEATHON in Southern Africa and to inspire more than 100 participants. In just 4 days, the young talents created different ideas and prototypes on topics such as Smart Mobility, Smart Green Energy, IoT and Smart Health.


In Tunis, we were able to inspire 120 international participants with our SMART GREEN TUNISIA MAKEATHON. It was our 1. MAKEATHON in an Arab and North African country. In just four days, different ideas and prototypes were invented on topics such as Smart City, IoT, Smart Health, Smart Mobility and Robotics.


As part of an international research project, we were able to hold our 1. SMART NUCLEI MAKEATHON in Modena with more than 50 participants in Northern Italy. The teams focused on the topics of Smart Automation, IoT, Robotics and Connected Systems. They developed ideas and prototypes in just 2 days.


With 60 participants, we held our 1. SMART FARMING MAKEATHON in Bogota at the University of Los Andes. The focus was on Smart Farming and the young talents came up with creative ideas and prototypes for this in just 4 days. It was our 1. MAKEATHON in South America which solved local problems.


More than 200 highly motivated participants gathered in Shanghai and Beijing for our 1. SMART GREEN INNOVATIVE MAKEATHON in Asia. In just 3 days, they worked on the topics of IoT, Robotics, Automation, Connected Systems and Smart Green Energy and came up with innovative solutions and prototypes.


As part of our automatica & Laser World of Photonics MAKEATHONS, we have already organized 4 editions in cooperation with the Trade Fair of Munich, with a total number of over 400 enthusiastic participants. On each occasion the young people spent 2 days working on ideas as well as prototypes in the fields of Robotics, IoT, Smart Production and more.


We have already held 2 editions of our SMART IoT MAKEATHON in Salamanca. These were organized in cooperation with the University of Salamanca and were able to inspire over 200 participants. The main topics were Automation, Robotics and Connected Systems. The young talents had 3 days to develop ideas and prototypes.


With our PUPILS MAKEATHON in Nuremberg, we were able to realize the 1. edition for pupils in cooperation with the Gymnasium Höchstadt. More than 100 motivated pupils were involved and developed different ideas and prototypes in the fields of IoT, Smart Home, Robotics, Smart Life and Smart Shopping in just 2 days.