Innovative Smart & Green Technology Projects

Promoting our vision through Education 4.0

Sustainability and digitalization are the most important topics of our future. Therefore, it is our goal to develop innovative
Smart & Green Technologies that intelligently combine both fields. Our vision is to use Gran Canaria to demonstrate how a closed cycle between energy generation and energy use can be achieved in a smart way. We can only achieve this goal by providing young people with modern and practical training in the spirit of Education 4.0 so that they can help shape their future.


Solar Golf Car

The Solar Golf Car is a project with the aim to integrate more sustainability into golf courses. This is possible through Smart & Green Energy instead of electric power.

Bamboo Solar Car

Our main goal with the Bamboo Solar Car was to create a sustainable and innovative mobility option that is particularly suitable for regions with weak or non-existing infrastructure.

Solar Car Botswana

For promoting topics such as Smart & Green Mobility and Education 4.0 the innovative Solar Car Botswana Project was developed – in Botswana for all of Africa.


With the help of digitalization and artificial intelligence, our aim is to counteract the worldwide enormous plastic pollution and to protect our nature.


By developing automatic robotic and control system, we can solve existing problems in agriculture with innovative solutions and make agriculture more sustainable.

Sandwich Robot

The use of real industry hardware gives young talents the opportunity to realize their ideas and improve their education and skills in a creative way.