Wildfires are a great danger for humans and animals, also on the island of Gran Canaria. In March 2020, a team of students from ADDI (Aachen Drone Development Initiative) took part in the SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON on Gran Canaria and worked on the project “Fire Fighting VTOL”. A concept to detect and fight fires with Vertical Take-Off and Landing Vehicles, e.g. like drones. Since then, the project has been continued by the team in Germany. In October 2021, the Dr. Stetter ITQ invited 7 students of the ADDI team again to Gran Canaria to enable flight tests of the current prototypes and to further evaluate the project. The Dr. Stetter ITQ is very proud to see that projects initiated at the SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON are of sustainable character and the work is bearing fruit.

Impressions “Wildfire Drone Project Gran Canaria” 

The goals of the project are to develop Solar Power Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) flying objects with long endurance that detect and locate wildfires through image detection. The Fire Fighting VTOL is based on a UAV system, which can detect wildfire using a thermal camera and CO2 sensor.

ADDI is a student initiative at RWTH Aachen University with around 30 members. The aim of the registered association is to develop, build and optimize unmanned and partly autonomous aircraft such as multicopters, airplanes and airships. In addition to the realization of independent developments and projects, the association takes part in international competitions.

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