In May 2017 the Interpack, world´s leading fair for processes and packaging will take place.

ITQ is developing an Industry 4.0 demonstrator which will be presented on VDMA’s exhibition booth. With 3200 members, the VDMA is one of the most important industry associations in Europe. We are proud that we – the Dr. Stetter ITQ Team – are developing modules of this IoT demonstrator for such an important event here on Gran Canaria.

The idea of the demonstrator is to show people how the plant of the future could look like. We use a simple use-case to show future technologies. Visitors of the fair can order an individualized powerbank. Gran Canaria team is developing the pick and place module and the image recognition system to detect the colours of the powerbanks.

Furthermore we take care about the CAD assembly and the physics simulation of the whole system. Moreover, not only the modules of our demonstrator are connected, we are also connected to more than fifty employees and students from all over the world, working and developing modules for demonstrator.