This year, the Dr. Stetter ITQ S.L.U. has been organizing LEGO Mindstorms Workshops in several High Schools on Gran Canaria as part of the SMART GREEN EDUCATION 4.0 PROJECTS. The main goal is to create an innovation network, with different educational centers and academies to teach young students technological skills and give them the tools to prepare and teach other children for Future Technologies as well. The focus here is on making learning fun to get young people excited about technology.

“We achieve this by providing materials and tools like LEGO Mindstorms to get them interested in this field and thus improving their technological and programming skills. The simple interface makes working with LEGO Mindstorms quite intuitive, easy to learn and adaptable for all ages”, explains Lars Bornecke, Branch Manager at Dr. Stetter ITQ.

Impressions of the LEGO Mindstorms Workshops

The first workshop was held in February at El Rincón High School, located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. There, a small group of ten Young Talents took part in the pilot test of the project. They were able to experiment with the LEGO Mindstorms robots and carry out different activities to develop their programming skills. After this great success a second workshop soon followed in April at the Santa María de Guía High School, located in the north of Gran Canaria.

“We would like to build a new Technology Network Community on Gran Canaria which will help us to realize our main goal of further SMART GREEN EDUCATION 4.0 Project. These projects will be the key for gaining and securing the young generation all over the world for new SMART GREEN TECHNOLOGIES”, says Bornecke.

With the success of our LEGO Mindstorms Workshops Dr. Stetter ITQ once again proved on the one hand how easy it is to get the young generation excited about technology. On the other hand, it showed how important our EDUCATION 4.0 Projects are to get Young Talents all over the world involved with SMART GREEN TECHNOLOGIES.

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